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A Fresh Perspective

I’ve heard it said that February is “Rut Month” for homeschoolers…everyone wants to quit. I didn’t want to quit, although I did imagine myself running out of the front door flailing my arms wildly and screaming “Make it stop!”
No, I didn’t want to quit, but I did need a change.
I didn’t need all new curriculum. Been there, done that. I didn’t need more field trips, more computer time or more printables. Don’t get me wrong…printables are great, workbooks too. But I was mind-numbingly bored and one more printable on recycled paper was going to be enough to push me over the proverbial edge.
The kids were learning and having fun but there was something missing. Something was awry. Downright rotten in the state of Denmark.
It was me, I was bored. I’d lost my passion for teaching. So I did what I always do, found some good organic chocolate and went to God in prayer. Prayer changes everything. It changes us.
It’s sort of like Clark Kent going into the phone booth for me.
So out I emerge with new vigor, new energy and new excitement! What could be so exciting about homeschool?! A completely new approach.
For starters, we would no longer call the dining room that we repurposed, the homeschool room.

It would be forever etched in the annals of history as…(insert drumroll) The Innovation Station. That’s our educational goal- Innovation. To inspire creativity, abstract thinking and problem solving. To nurture a passion for independent lifelong learning and love for God. To raise a generation of autodidacts who discover new ways to solve old problems.
We filled the Innovation Station with passion centers. Yes it still contains, reading, writing, and arithmetic. But also clothing design, an inventor center, and a worm rescue center. It’s a small space so some centers are seasonal and we rotate. Bottom line is this, fill the space they live in with what they love. That passion will fuel their learning as well as your teaching. It’s emergent curriculum meets Montessori via vocational training. I don’t have a name for it yet…if you any suggestions leave it in the comments.









2 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective”

  1. We’re considering homeschooling our 8 year old next year. I love to read posts about the challenges & blessings of homeschooling. What kind of curriculum do you use?

    1. We use everything, well nearly everything. BJU and Abekka for reading, Horizons for Art, Math U See, Mystery of History, and some Lifepac too.
      We adjust frequently to meet the changing needs of our children. We add to, and mix as needed. Hope that helps!
      Feel free to comment or email if you have any additional questions I can answer for you! therockingchairwriter@gmail.com

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