Random Musings

The Proverbial Elephant

I long sometimes to return to the pre Freudian days when not everything was a diagnosis or syndrome. People were individuals not always case studies. While the classification of symptoms and characteristics helps on a broad scale, help on a narrow scale seems to be non existent. People like Karyn Washington. ‘Wren Scott slipped through the cracks. It’s tragic and every loss counts…every life significant”. Yet there are many who aren’t on social media or famous, and they slip into the night unnoticed. (Yet they are never unnoticed to God). There is a bridge in Seattle that many people jump from to commit suicide. So many in fact that when drivers on their commute to work pass under it, they slow down to look for jumpers.

Most of what is done concerning mental illness involves sweeping symptoms under the rug due to the stigma.
We need the broad scale for research, study, and practical application. Yet that often involves “throwing medicine” at the problem. But what if we reserved prescriptions for those who really need it, took the focus off of making life easy, and people were taught how to manage and overcome symptoms.
Better yet, what if we put people on a path to wellness instead of a path to the pharmacy.

There is a video by TEDx Talks and it reiterates this point. The speaker, Stephen Ilardi describes depression as a disease of civilization. He presents a BOLD set of solutions with proven results.
Ted Talk



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