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The Homeschool Pick Up Line

It never fails. There you are, shopping, or maybe enjoying a delicious Chik-fil-a lunch and she spots you from across the crowded room. Who is she? Oh, you know who she is. The woman who bobs and weaves her way through the crowd to get to you and asks “Do you homeschool?” “Is it that obvious?” You ask yourself as you try to finish chewing, and swallowing. then frantically wiping every delicious bite of chicken off of your face wishing you had a little more time to savor your “so not in the budget, but…” chicken sandwich before it gets cold. After all, haven’t you wolfed down enough cold meals in Mommy haste? You’ve done your time I lunch purgatory or lunch hell, (depending on the day). But you still manage a smile and reply sweetly, “Yes, I do. Do you?” You already know based on the fact that she is asking you and the “Call of the Wild” way that her children are hanging precariously from the playscape, that she does too. But you ask to be polite. And you swallow, although your hot sandwich is now a fading memory, knowing what is coming next…She squeals with delight and exclaims, “Me too!” You feign surprise as you longingly peer at your sandwich from the corner of your eye calculating the minutes until you are reunited. Then it happens. As predictably as a lioness pouncing on an unsuspecting wildebeest in one of those public television documentaries.
“So what curriculum do you use?” And so it begins.
Numbers are exchanged and play dates arranged. It is the beginning of a beautiful homeschool relationship and the end of your hot sandwich bliss as the two of you sit and swap stories of homeschool victories, defeats and everything in between.
It really is a beautiful thing, but can we homeschool moms PLEASE get some new pick up lines?! We’re supposed to be creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. Then why oh why do we ask the same questions every time we meet another HSM? Really? I ask too because I am always excited to meet other HSM’s and HSD’s. I love sharing stories and planning to meet up for play dates. But we have got to get some new pick up lines.


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