A Day in the Life

I Just Love You…

Today by some unexplainably wonderful turn of events, my two year old began calling me ‘Mama Bear’ which sounds more like mama beew. And my four year old will be turning five soon, and has been flexing his proverbial muscles trying to show us who’s boss. My six year old freshly turned seven is budding socially and affirming her position in the family as the resident “sweetheart”. Then there’s my nine year old, who I will be holding for the last time tonight. Tomorrow, she will be ten. If I am being honest, and I am. I feel a sense of grief. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed, I’ve got a good life, but what I don’t have anymore is a nine year old. I blinked, quite by accident, and she’s gone. Six year old, seven year old, eight year old M. Gone. Nine year old M…gone. And what I have here before me is a lanky, articulate, intense 10 year old, who just wants to sit on my lap tonight.
If I have learned anything it’s this. Life is short. As the Bible reads “All men are like grass. All their glory like the fields, the grass withers and the flowers fall.”
I may not have those sweet fat legged babies anymore, but I have now. Right now. I have another moment, another glimpse, another fit of laughter, another walk in the sunset.
Because I have now, I must make the most of it. I must breath deeply and take it all in. That means there are days that I do not turn on a single screen. Hours of my day when social media is a distant memory. Moments however intense, I grab a member of my tribe and say “I just love you.” Sometimes I do it at the height of the intensity, the meltdown, the whining, etc. After all, if I only show love when they are behaving perfectly, and not when they are not. It sends the wrong message, that my love and perhaps even God’s love is conditional. And it is not.
His love never fails.

A Day in the Life

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom of Girls




1. Do the words ‘mini me’ mean anything to you? I realize it’s a bit maniacal and self absorbed but I love having tiny versions of myself. And I don’t apologize for it. They reflect the good in me, yes, but also the things that I must change. Often I don’t realize it’s in me until I see it in them. I love that I learn so much from them. I also love the camaraderie of having little people who share similar interests to you.

2. Because “Pink is my signature color.” That quote of course, is from Shelby (played by Julia Roberts) in Steel Magnolias. Yet it rings true for all the ladies in our house. My girls subscribe to the philosophy that pink goes with absolutely everything! I love the softness and inherent nurturing, gentleness of girls. Polka dots, doing hair, mini cupcakes, fashion and mani-pedis! Need I say more?!

3. They are imaginative. Obviously boys can be also, but I love that my girls are so creative and use their imaginations in everything!

4. I love their intensity. There are few words to describe when emotions are running high in our home. It’s not always bad. My girls are passionate and when they discover something that they are passionate about…it can get pretty intense. I love it!

5. They are helpful. My sons are helpful also, but my girls flow in a beautifully rhythmic way. They anticipate the needs of those around them and then jump in to meet them.

6. They are thoughtful. They are always using their allowance or lemonade stand stand money to buy gifts for others or give to someone who needs it. They plan surprises for the people in their lives even pesky little brothers!

7. They are delicate but not fragile. They may be soft and feminine, but not by any means easily broken. They don’t scare easily, they don’t often get grossed out and they seldom fall to pieces. They stay steady during transition.

8. Never a dull moment. They know how to have fun. While I disagree with Cindy Lauper that “girls just wanna have fun” I do agree that they know how to have fun. They can be downright silly! After we say goodnight, my husband and I hear at least another 15 minutes of whispers and giggles. And I love it! I hope my girls always whisper and giggle with each other.

9. They are strong and powerful. In the same way that a boys gentleness provides a contrast to his strength, a girl’s strength provides a contrast to her gentleness. Yet neither gender is bereft of either. I love that my daughters are sweet and gentle, yet strong and powerful.

10. They see the hero in their dad. And they see the tiny heroes in their brothers. They don’t play the damsel in distress, but they do want to be rescued, and they allow their father (and brothers) to do it. They let men be men and don’t mind it a bit. Although they are strong and capable they follow the ebbs and flows of sharing life with three men in the house. (Most of the time)

Bonus Reason:
I love their versatility. My little ladies like to camp and collect worms yet dress up like princesses and paint each others nails. Some may call it contradictions or complexities, but girls realize that we don’t have to choose. We can have and do it all. And to have less than the best of both worlds is boring and unsatisfactory.