Random Musings

My Biggest Fear

My greatest fear is for the church to become overrun by the cares of this world and that complacency will spiral out of control. That creature comforts will crowd out passion and the love of God will grow cold. That neither His call will beckon nor His command rouse to action and the single most powerful force on the planet will lay asleep nestled cozy amidst her manicured lawns, PTA meetings, and 9-5 priorities. And not until the cessation of life will reality set in and she realize that her life was spent building what cannot last, consumed with impressing other parts of her body and competing with those she was called to rescue, in constant pursuit of anti-aging efforts and what she did not have but always wanted.

May God have mercy on His church.

May we rouse from slumber at last and put our hands to the helm, and chart a course head on into uncertainty where only faith can keep and anchor our vessels, where man’s opinion matters not and we cannot experience absolute ecstasy apart from the pursuit of His presence.

O that our hearts would long for Him!! O that only the sound of His voice, movement of His hand, and certainty of His Word would satiate our appetites!

The days are coming and are here in which the hot will burn hotter and the cold will slip into a frigid darkness. But each will choose (or has already chosen). Either light or darkness.
And one or the other will consume them.